There are benefits for any type of training, whether it be in a Small Group, as a TEAM or One-On-One individual training. 

 Whether you are just beginning or have been playing for years, no matter what  level you are at  ALL are Welcome!!!


Individual Training Small Groups Team Training Session Training Complete Season Team Training Speed/Agility & Fitness Training Dietician / Nutrition Club Programs Coaching Courses

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MPR is the most Affordable and Caring training program around. 

Do your homework and ask around !!! You wont see too many trainers giving up their own time unless they are paid for it.  

MPR trainers believe the game has allotted each of them the opportunity through soccer to learn, appreciate, and experience the world in so many ways that they would have not done so if it were not for the game of soccer.  Our trainers believe in paying it forward and it is our intention to provide all players of all levels with the best possible training and education afforded to them by us and help build his or her confidence, desire, passion, enjoyment and love of the game! 


Don't spend thousands $$$ on a trainer(s) who do not love the game and lacks the dedication and attention you deserve.

MPR Training offers training for  Individuals,  Small Groups  and  Teams.  

We offer an array of packages from a single session all the way up to an entire season package including Game Day Coaching.  

We also offer Speed / Agility / and Fitness training for all athletes.   

MPR also offers individual, small group, team and parental session (s) with our Dietician/Nutritionist specialist. 

And much much more...Keep Reading to find out what we can offer you, your team, and your club entire! 

Just send us an email so we can talk about what you have in mind and how we can help you!

Individual Training:

This type of training is Limited to 1 or 2 players per session and obviously concentrates on the individual's confidence level and individual skill level.  Training sessions are devised specifically for that individual and his or hers skill level.  With a more personal instructional situation, the player(s) are more in tune to develop their technical skills and is complimentary to his or her on going season or during the seasonal breaks.  



Small Groups:

This type of training is Limited to 3-9 players per session.  Within a small group setting, players improve their individual technical skill levels as well as improve their decision making, offensive, and defensive prowess and knowledge in a more competitive atmosphere.  Also, this type of  training  helps to develop physical strengths both on and off the ball, speed both on and off the ball, and develops better judgment and the ability to "see the field".



Team Training:

This type of training is Limited to 10+ players per session.  With a desire to get to that "next" level as a team and also have your players develop and improve their individual skills, this is the way to go. Training sessions are developed with the idea of developing and improving team cohesiveness, a team's physical strength, communication, and the ability to "control and see" the field.  Teams work on both offensive and defensive situations and breakouts, "seeing the field", out numbering the opposition, set plays and formations, as well as improving and developing individual skills and  knowledge in a competitive, hard working atmosphere. 



Session Training:

Session training is exactly that, training for an individual, small group, or team broken down into session(s).  We offer a single session for those who want to try us out to see if it is the right fit.  MPR also offers training sessions based on your needs for the season and or year starting with a 4 session package all the way up to a 20 session package.  We offer 1 and 2 sessions per week if not more depending on your needs.  We also offer weekly sessions for those who want to get a "leg up" on the competition usually just before the big season starts!



Complete Season Team Training:

MPR will customized a training package  based on your soccer teamís needs.  You select from various training packages in order to customize the level of involvement and instruction which their team receives.  Whether you want a MPR trainer to actually coach a game(s) or watch the game from the sidelines and give you the head coach an analysis of the game, for example.  We will customize a package that works for all! 



Speed/Agility & Fitness Training:

We offer Speed / Agility / and Fitness training for all athletes!  If you have a brother, sister, cousin, friend or family member that participates in another sport we can still offer them one of our fitness and or speed trainers.  WE ARE SPORT SPECIFIC.  As in any sport, the physical conditioning aspect is very important.  It is our goal not only to afford you the best soccer learning environment but also the physical environment as well.  We help the athlete achieve their highest potential, while providing a viable method for athletes to increase athletic ability. Our goals include, helping our athletes reach the pinnacle of sports performance and raising the standard against which athletes are measured.  



Dietician / Nutrition:

MPR also offers individual, small group, team and parental session(s) with our Dietician/Nutritionist specialist! Healthcare professionals such as doctors and registered dietitians have specific training about working with families on establishing and maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Specifically, Registered Dietitians provide in-depth nutritional counseling that can be instrumental in changing the diet and physical activity patterns of children and families.  Contact us to talk about our Nutrition Packages.



Club Programs:  MPR offers all of our trainers for any and all teams/age groups at any level for team training.  


DEVO: We are available for your club's Developmental Programs working with your youngest (usually U6 through U9).  

We call it "Fun and Fundamentals"...teaching your youth based upon age the appropriate fundamental skills.  


CLUB CAMP:  We will work with you to establish a positive, fun, hard-working atmosphere, where your club's individuals, players, and teams will develop new skills, knowledge, and improve his or her physical strengths as well as hone in on a players' natural talents and skill level.  It is our intention to provide all players of all levels with the best possible training and education afforded to them by me and help build his or her confidence, desire, passion, enjoyment and love of the game!!! 


 NOTE: It is a chance to bring together as many as your club's participants together in a positive setting while raising funds for various club's needs.  EARN $$$ WHILE YOU LEARN. 


MPR has a package fit for all clubs, ages, and levels.  Most packages include a T-shirt for each camper.



Coaching Courses: MPR offers courses for everyone, from coaches to parents to teams and or individuals in all the areas of soccer including coaching courses (both on the field and lecture), physiology, diet and nutrition to name a few.  Email us for details. 


MPR also offers a coaches / parents academy!!!

MPR is available for training sessions and or lectures with your club's coaches and or parents.  We offer physical training sessions to teach your coaches about both the technical and mental aspect of the game keeping age, gender, and skill level in mind.   MPR also offers training in a lecture setting to teach your club's coaches and or parents.  Our lectures touch on numerous aspects of the game including team and individual concepts, appropriate practices based on skill, age, and gender, offensive and defensive strategies as well as physical fitness, diet and nutrition.  

MPR also offers lectures to your team or club's parents as well as individually about the college bound player.  

We can help with your college soccer resume too.

Email MPR for more information...